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Effective May 1, 2020 the cost of transferring firearms will changing.

Personal transfers or exchanging firearms between private parties will be billed at $10.00 per firearm in addition to the Oregon fee of $10 for the background check or cash.  This will provide a significant savings for the customers that just a few years ago were able to engage in private party sales without conducting a background check and incurred no expense.  There is nothing I can do about eliminating the state's fee, but I have made my cost razor thin to process the forms and safe guard them for the required 20-years of storage. Running a card for transfers alone will incure a $1 fee.

Receiving and processing firearms received from other licensed dealers is $30.00 per firearm in addition to the Oregon fee of $10 for the background check.

The discount for transfers coming in from Gun Broker ends 4/30/2020.

Need help shipping a firearm?  For most states the cost is $20.00 plus actual postage.  Firearms being shipped to California require more coordination with the recieving FFL and paperwork, the cost is $50.00 plus actual postage

I generally have shipping boxes available to help get firearms ready for shipment and they are provide free of charge when available along with bubble wrap, just ask before preparing your shipment!

We do not accept transfers from Palmetto State Armory.